HAUL IT Pt. 2 Feat. M.A.C. Cosmetics

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In the past year my MAC collection basically exploded. And by exploded, I mean expanded. A very large percentage.
I went from not having purchased from them since 2010 to wanting all their foundation/base products and eye shadows. And in 2010 I last purchased some eye shadows from Santee Alley in L.A… so it was most likely way before that did I ever buy MAC.

No particular reason. I wasn’t boycotting them or anything. I do love their brand. And I like how they were founded in Toronto. It’s just their stuff is on the slightly pricey side for my taste. At the time, I didn’t want to spend $16 on a single eye shadow colour when I found other brands I was happy with (btw – their singles are now $19!). And I definitely don’t agree that MAC costs less in the States when it’s a Canadian product. C’mon people! Cater to your homeland.

It’s just one of those things where I know I’m being frugal, but I was okay with my makeup collection.

Then I got my first ticket to the Estée Lauder sale. Signed up for MAC Select. And KA-BOOM! My makeup got an upgrade.

So when I received an email that MAC was having their 25% off sale last month, I definitely wanted to take advantage of that. So I bought a bunch of stuff including, foundation, powder and shadows. Then of course, a couple of days after my purchase, I scored another ticket to the Estée Lauder sale.

*Cue racking up credit card bill*
And here is my haul!

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Eye shadows: (Top) Beautiful Iris, (L) Crème de Violet, (R) Pink Venus, (Bottom) Bottle Green
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(Left to Right): Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Studio Fix Perfecting Stick, Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
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And my order came with a free sample of their newest perfumes. I picked Candy Yum-Yum.

Goodies from the Estée Lauder Sale.

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MAC Objects of Affection: glitters and pigment set in Gold + Beige
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(Left to Right): Lithe, English Gilt, Pretty It Up, Gold, Deep Brown
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It was a BOGO free sale! 2 for $25
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Eye Shadow: Moon Is Blue

I was doing really well at first at this warehouse sale since I had just bought my other MAC stuff a couple of days earlier. The only things in my shopping bag were the pigments and eye shadow. And I thought I was good to cash out since I was basically done the last room… but then my sister pointed out the GLAMGLOW table.

And once I saw those prices I knew I needed them in my life.

The cleansers retail at Sephora for $43 for the 5oz. They were selling them for $17.20! And face masks, the 1.7oz retail for $79 and they going for $31.60!

Like, hello? How could I not buy them??

Especially since I just returned a so called sample pack they were selling at Sephora for $52. Suggested retail value of $110, but when I opened the box, 4 out of 5 samples were the size of my pinky. And I have small hands.

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Cleansers: (L) Daily Clearing Supercleanse, (R) Daily Hydrating Thirstycleanse. Masks: (Top) Flashmud, (Bottom) Youthmud

I wished they had other GLAMGLOW products, but this was already more than I could hope for, so I was very happy with my purchase. They only other items they had that I didn’t get were the Powercleanse and Powermud because they were oil based. Plus, I thought 4 products were enough as I haven’t used their line yet and I need to see if it’s a match for my skin. (I got 2 of the same item because seriously, how could I say no to that deal?)

And just before you leave the sale, they always give you a free gift. The day I went was a pair of MAC nail polishes – the same colour. And before you exit the warehouse, you have the option to purchase a MAC $5 or $20 gift bag. Proceeds go towards charity. In the $5 you get at least 3 full size products. Which is a steal, but at the same time always a gamble because you never know what colours you get until you open it. This time was a good one as all the colours are actually wearable. It came with one eye shadow and two lipsticks.

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Eye Shadow: Hello, There. Huggable Lipcolour (L) Origami Orange, (R) Bonsai Bloom. Nail Lacquer: Screaming Bright.

So I did some damage to my wallet with the NYX, MAC and Estée Lauder sales. And I thought I was safe and in the clear, but then I got tickets to the L’Oreal sale.

It’s like they plan this. To have their sales all at the same time and they know that I can’t turn them down because my curiosity gets the best of me. Needing to know what they have on sale, just in case I miss a great bargain.

Read more on my NYX haul here. And Stay tuned for Pt. 3!


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