HAUL IT Pt. 1 Feat. NYX Cosmetics

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I have always been curious about NYX Cosmetics. I remember spending many hours watching beauty videos on YouTube, seeing makeup gurus swatch all the different eye shadow colours and liners from their hauls. There was something I found satisfying about watching other people show me all the stuff they bought… but then I’d get major jelly because we didn’t have such stores in Canada.

And so it wasn’t too long ago that NYX finally made it’s way to Shoppers Drug Mart and now, more recently they started opening up stores around Toronto. I could finally try all the products I had been watching others use for years!

Though when I made it to a couple of locations in the GTA, the products I wanted to try were out of stock every time I visited – I guess there were other makeup lovers just as excited as I was. So it wasn’t until I found myself in NYX at the Oshawa Centre that I was able to snag some items!

It was a bit of a hassle because I had purchased a few items, but when I got home, I received an email for their Family & Friends event they were having 2 days later. Oh the troubles of not having a data plan on my cell phone. It was 20% off the entire store! So 2 days, 4 receipts and 5 transactions later*… tah-dah!
It’s haul time!

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(L): Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pacific, (R): Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pewter Note: The website lists Crystal Pewter to be a purple, but I find it more of a blue tone. That’s why I paired it with Pacific.
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(Bottom): Pacific, (Middle): Crystal Pewter, (Top): combined
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Vivid Brights Liquid Liner
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Vivid Brights in Vivid Fire
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(Bottom): Eye/Eyebrow Pencil, (Top): Lip Liner
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(Top): Lavender Shimmer, (Bottom): Pale Pink
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(L): Color Correcting Concealer, (R): Pro Dual Brow Brush no. 18
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And my purchase came with eye shadow samples!
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(Top): Morocco, (Middle): Rome, (Bottom): Copenhagen

I didn’t go crazy as it was my first time using NYX products. I wanted to test their products and see if I liked them before buying more. In total I spent just over $62 for 7 items – with a savings of about $15. Not the best of sales I’ve been to, but in general their prices are very affordable so I’m lucky to have had an added discount!

I’ve used almost all the items I bought for about a week now, with the exception of the Lavender Shimmer eye liner and the Rome and Copenhagen eye shadows. The colours are very pigmented, last all day and I find to be good quality.
I’ve been on the hunt for the Color Correcting Concealer for a while, but that was one of the items that was always sold out. I’m happy I finally got my hands on one because I’ve been looking for a portable palette to throw in my makeup bag that I can use under my foundation – especially for my dark circles.

Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I do enjoy the Jumbo Pencil very much and will definitely be getting more colours… when I save some money. Because if you’ve been following my Insta stories you’ll know I went to three makeup sales in one week! My poor wallet.

I’d love to know if you went to the NYX sale and what you got in the comments below! And stay tuned for Haul It pt. 2 & 3 where I review what I got from the Mac/Estée Lauder and L’Oreal sales.



*Note: It took that many transactions because I had to return and buy back all my items a bunch of times because the totals were off since the computer wasn’t putting in the discounts for all the items I’d bought. So kudos to NYX Oshawa for being so patient! 

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