Current Mood: Rollerballs

There’s something about a nice bottle of perfume that makes me feel luxurious. It can also switch my mood from drab to fab. And even though the scent isn’t visible to the eye, that tiny spritz before I walk out the door adds the perfect final touch to my outfit.

Now, I could spend hours in the perfume section of Sephora, but it can be very overwhelming when I’m trying to find a new scent. Especially, when I’m going to be spending over $100 for a bottle.

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Which is why I thank the beauty industry for inventing the rollerball. It allows me to be promiscuous with my perfume. Meaning, I can own a variety of different scents and it wouldn’t hurt my wallet so much. Plus, I can organize them neatly, saving tons of space, and I’m able to carry them in my purse without weighing it down.

While I wish I could go spending $100+ for every bottle of perfume I fall in love with, I would be spending a ton. And if I actually bought the full size of all the perfumes I wanted, it would take me decades to finish them all. Brands are coming out with so many new scents nowadays, I couldn’t keep up! So this really is the best of both worlds. I don’t break the bank and I can treat myself every now and then to a new perfume.

Perfumes are obviously a personal preference, but sometimes it’s also about knowing what sits well on your skin. I’m still testing out what I like and what I can wear. So at the moment, these are the four rollerballs I have that are currently in rotation.

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Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue
Light Blue is, hands down, my signature scent. I’ve been wearing it since my senior year of high school and until now, I’m still in love with it. Which is why it was an obvious choice for my rollerball collection.
It was given to me as a gift from a friend, and in the beginning I wasn’t sure I wanted it because I already had a full size bottle. Only later did I realize it only makes sense that I own the rollerball too because it’s my go to perfume. I want to be able to carry it around with me for touch ups or refreshment. And there’s something about the citrus scent, that can calm me down, put me in a good mood or give me that extra confidence boost.

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Burberry, Brit Rhythm for Her Floral
After I discovered rollerballs, Brit Rhythm was something I was heavily considering. I wanted something totally different than my go to perfumes. Something floral since I was used to citrus scents. It was a hard decision between this, the Brit Sheer and the original Brit, so I let bae decide. After all, he’d be the only one that would be close enough to really smell it on me.
I do enjoy this one a lot. It’s more sweet and flirty and has a dewy feel to it. As well, very feminine and gives off hints of fruit. And it’s not over powering, so I like that I can wear it any season, day or night.

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Giorgio Armani, Si
Si was something that I randomly stumbled upon. I worked in the mall and Sephora was just a few stores down from me, so I’d spend many break times in there. I would play around wearing various scents on different days, but I kept going back to Si for some reason. I was totally drawn to it. And when one of my coworkers complimented me on what I was wearing one day, that definitely solidified my decision.
This one I think is more timeless. It feels more mature than my other perfumes. It’s more wood base and kind of musky – not in a dirty ‘I haven’t showered’ sort of way. I get this hint of amber and cinnamon which gives it a strong GIRLBOSS essence. So I wear this when I want to exude my sexy and confident, ‘I’m gonna kick today’s ass’ side.

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Kenzo, Flower by Kenzo
Flower I actually got as a Sephora sample. I had never heard of it before, but the second I applied it to my wrist I was intrigued. Though it’s called Flower, all I think is baby powder. And who doesn’t want that fresh scent?
This is the only spray bottle vs rollerball, but it’s still travel size. The powdery scent makes it very youthful and light. And it’s softer than the rest of my collection, so I thought it would be a great addition because it adds variation. Since it’s more playful, it’s definitely a day time scent, or I’d use it after a nice shower to continue that fresh feeling. It for sure belongs to a sunny, Spring day. So now is the perfect time for me to use it.

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I do plan on adding more to my rollerball collection. At first, I wanted to see if these were the thing for me, but overall I really do enjoy them.

They’re inexpensive and they’re convenient for travel – whether I’m throwing them in my purse, putting them in an overnight bag, or packing them in my luggage for overseas. It doesn’t break the bank which it allows for many options. So, just as I like to switch up my handbags and jewellery, this is another accessory that I definitely enjoy having choices.

I’m already thinking of what’s next.
Perhaps Marc Jacobs, Daisy? Or Gucci, Flora?

Most likely both!


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