Boujee on a Budget: Saint Laurent

Were you ever on the verge of maxing out your credit card, so you swore to yourself not to put any more purchases on it until you’ve paid it down?

That was me about a month ago.

And then shopaholic me, realized it was long weekend and so the outlets must be having a sale!

When you shop enough, you can literally sniff a sale out.

Now, over here in the Great White North we have something called Victoria Day. Falling on the third Monday in May and blah blah, skipping the history lesson… it pretty much means an extra holiday. Thus, resulting in a long weekend.

This year, I was blessed to enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did.

I think my will power has gone down slightly since I’ve met bae – don’t tell him I said that.
I’m still very good at saving, but I’ve also been splurging on myself a little more than necessary – but then almighty question of life

Is it ever necessary?

Majority of the times no, so why not just say f*ck it and throw it in the bag please!

So I had a slight itch to buy something.
Like a real ‘treat myself, girl power, I deserve the world‘ kinda itch.
Meaning, no ordinary sale at TopShop would do.
And then ding!
I received an email from Coach for their long weekend sale – 70% all bags + wallets plus extra 20% of clearance.
Now that’s what I’m talking about – outlet sales.

So next thing you know I’m at the Toronto Premium Outlets.
Kate Spade and Coach had the same sale, so it was a matter of which store and styles I liked better.

Coach was the first store and I left empty handed. I did have a cute, light pink, snake skin, cross body, wallet bag in my hands, but wasn’t sold on the sale price of $100 so I put it down.
Kate Spade was next and I walked away with a belt bag and a small card holder, totalling just under $89. In complete honesty, I wasn’t completely sold on the belt bag and pretty certain I made the purchase just for the purchase.

My heart wanted and needed more.
My shopping itch was not soothed.

Now, with still only my – potentially returnable – Kate Spade purchase, I was in the last store of the day – Saint Laurent.

They hadn’t any of the purses or colours I like in there, plus they’re way above the price I’d pay – remember people, our VAT is not included. We pay 13% tax on top of the price tag. So if something costs average, $1000 that’s already an extra $130 I’d have to pay.

So I was just browsing around.

I’ve always found their sneakers cute, but they didn’t have the star ones I’ve had on my mental luxury wishlist.

But then… *cue heavenly music*

I saw these 😍😍😍

Super cute.
Super me.

With an outlet price of $339, it wasn’t bad at all.
Then add tax and it becomes closer to $400.
*womp womp*

That’s a little too much for me to pay for sneakers at the moment.

And then my sister overheard a lovely sales lady say the sneakers were an extra 30% off.

Huh? Ok.

Quick calculation and…

Excuse me… do you have this in my size?

Bae is a sneaker head, so I know with Jordans and Yeezys averaging $250-$300 before tax for regular releases, and not even considering the resell market, this shoe was a total steal!

And with them being sneakers not heels, I knew it was definitely going to get its wear. So it was totally worth it IMHO.

Plus, it was the last pair – which I’m sure is a just a line all associates use to solidify a sale end of day, but whatever. It works!

So allow me to introduce you to my newest Boujee on a Budget purchase.

You guys… πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Shopping itch has been scratched.

Thank you and goodnight.



Shoe: Saint Laurent

Model: Court Classic SL/06 Lolita Sneaker in Leather

Size: 35

Original Retail Price: $739 + tax

Outlet Price: $339 (plus extra 30% off) + tax

Sale Price: $237.30 + tax

Savings: over $560

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