HAUL IT Feat. Lime Crime

If I could only use one liquid lipstick brand for life, it would be Lime Crime.

They are, in my opinion, one of the originators of the velvet/matte liquid lipstick. Their products are super pigmented, super smooth, super long lasting – and bonus for those who care, super vegan.

I made the decision to purchase their first ever Red Velvet Velvetines a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

So when the email alerts roll in, and their sale season starts… and bae has an American credit card,

it is my duty, as a slight makeup junkie, to place an order.

This haul is all about the mauves and nudes.

While I’m mainly a pinks and peaches kind of girl, I noticed I didn’t have a variety of mauves or nudes for an everyday look. So I figured it was time to expand and add to my collection, naturally.

And if there is ever a liquid lipstick makeup brand that I swear by, it’s definitely Lime Crime.

Now, because prices are in $USD, I wait for a sale or promotion with free shipping to get my money’s worth. And at $20 USD each, it’s not too bad of a price when they go on sale for $10-$15 USD.
Especially when compared to some of the other makeup brands I buy at Sephora that retail at $32 CAD! Like why you so expensive?

I never go too crazy with my order, but I always like to get a little extra bang for my buck when they have up to 50% off.

So this time I decided to try some of their other lip products as well.
I picked up their Velvetines Lip Liners, Plushies and a Wet Cherry Lip Gloss.

And it’s official – I’m even more in love than before!

I like the idea of the Plushies because it dries a little more sheer. It’s not complete full coverage like the Velvetines, but it’s just as pigmented. And it gives you soft pout like you just dabbed some colour on your lips with your finger.

I hate being too repetitive, but Lime Crime is so consistent with their products, that their Velvetines Lip Liners are also amazing. Goes on smooth and of course, super pigmented.

And I’m always skeptical about lip glosses because of their lack of colour, but this Wet Cherry gloss does not disappoint! It also has a nice pigment and definitely smells like cherries πŸ’

So check out my haul below!

And note – the colours may all look the same to the naked eye, but I swear they swatch differently! At least to my eyes πŸ˜‰ and a makeup junkies eyes.



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