Current Mood: forBitches (…am I that b*tch?)

How do you discover a new brand?

I love seeing what’s new in luxury and learning what’s trending out in the fashion world. And I while I have my trusted go-to brands I enjoy browsing online and obsessing over their runway looks, I also like to mix up my style with some up and coming/underground brands (which are realistically more in my price range).

And what’s sometimes the best way to discover something new?

I first came across forBitches earlier this year when I was online window shopping on italist. I was looking for a new brand to obsess over and wasn’t feeling the ones that were being fed to me on social media. Not knowing where to start, I scrolled the designer list, came across ‘F’ and there it was – ‘Forbitches’.

I laughed to myself and clicked on the name as I was curious to see what was designed for these so-called ‘bitches’. And with one glance, I loved the concept instantly.

Plastic Barbie looking purses and shoes.

Like, excuse me? Tugging at the heartstrings of my 8 year old self?
How dare you. I want it all now.

Unfortunately, I had just been on a handbag shopping spree and didn’t need another one to add to the collection. Especially, since I knew nothing about this brand other than I liked the name.

So I did my research.

Italian designer. Label is a play on his real name ‘Forbice’.
Designs inspired by toys and dolls.
Very girly. Very nostalgic.
Literally a life size Barbie bag.
I. Need. This. Now.

Now, I can already tell this brand is not for everybody. Once it grows in popularity, I predict the traditional luxury world will describe it as very kitschy. Or, gaudy. Or, even childish. And after scrolling through their IG, I wasn’t sure if it was for me either.

Though, something about that bow bag was calling me.

So, I put it on my mental wish list in hopes I would have an excuse to buy it for the summer.

And low and behold, a wedding invitation arrives in the mail weeks later. Of course, I had no idea what my outfit or shoes would be, but I knew damn well what bag I was bringing.

Now that I needed this bag for ‘wedding purposes,’ I had to make sure it was practical as it was cute, but where in the heck would I find this bag in-store? Unfortunately, while it’s so easy to discover new things on the internet, it’s not always tangible or available in your area. So I couldn’t try it on and get the full picture.

There were also no YouTube videos or reviews on this bag. And the select few I found, almost no one opened the bag to show what could fit inside. People… always open the bag and show us what can fit!

So once again I had to be my own guinea pig and blind buy – just like the time when no one was doing lash extensions and I wanted to try them, but had no experiences to fall back on so I just had to go and hope my lashes didn’t fall or burn off. Well, after that success, almost everyone around me started getting extensions and then they blew up to what they are today… but I digress.

After scouring the internet and social media, I finally found someone who showed they could at least fit their phone and credit card inside. Perfect! I found the best deal on italist, clicked ‘order’ and let me tell you, I was not disappointed when it arrived in the mail.

Even the little booklet is comes with has this nostalgic Barbie doll pamphlet feel to it!

Love everything about it.

I decided to wear all black to the wedding, so this bag would definitely go with my LBD. Also, on casual days, if I wanted to throw on pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I know this would be a super cute accessory.

Do we see the black bow with the pop of hot pink for the handles?

I’m not going to lie, there were moments I thought that maybe I should go more elegant or traditional with a sparkly clutch or Alexander Wang/Benedetta Bruzziches style bag for this wedding. That maybe I would be that girl who everyone questioned my taste and secretly made fun of my plastic bag. That perhaps this was a bit too childish for me.

However, Wang was out of my price range and I’m still on the fence about purchasing Amazing dupes/imitations of luxury goods (I just can’t bring myself to do it yet).

So, I didn’t go that route.

And honestly, I don’t care if people make fun of this bag because I love it.

Yes, I am that b*tch with the Barbie bag.
And this was made forBitches.

Now please enjoy some more pics below.
Until next time!


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