Top 5: Quarantine & Chill

It’s an add to cart kind of day… and then let it sit there and not checkout.

Because it’s dangerous to shop while bored.

And even more so dangerous to shop while in quarantine.

These are desperate times people.

The outpouring of subscribed emails floods my inbox… We’re sorry our retail stores are closed, but we’re offering free shipping no minimum. We’re offering 20% off your purchase. We’re offering 50% off everything, plus free shipping.


So, how do you refrain from unnecessary shopping?


So I present to you my list of top 5 shows I recommend or have binged since being in quarantine. Plus, some honourable mentions. 


Binge Worthy Netflix

1. Short Drama Series

Binge Worthy: YOU

If you’re not up to date with any popular Netflix series, then now is a good time to catch up.

And it’s time to start You.

He’s creepy. He’s charming. He’s a stalker. He loves hard. Aaaaaand *stop reading the rest of this sentence if you don’t want spoilers and seriously know nothing about this show* … occasionally kills people.

In other words, great boyfriend material. The story will get you frustrated at some points, but you’ll want to keep watching to see what happens!

Binge Worthy Mention: Good Girls

This is another show I enjoy watching that you can catch on Netflix. And I say short drama series, because both this and You only have 2 seasons, so it’s an easy binge.

Good Girls is about soccer moms turned criminals. They need money fast and come across a world of money laundering and crime and while dealing with their own individual life problems.

My favourite part is the guy with the neck tattoos.
Oh, you’ll see.
Shhh, don’t tell bae!

2. Foreign Dramas

Binge Worthy: MONEY HEIST (La Casa De Papel)

I can probably do a whole other list on this – note to self for future – but I personally enjoy watching foreign movies and shows because you’ll come across some surprising gems. And usually I would rave about Narcos, but after watching Narcos Mexico: Season 2 on and off, I was left feeling unsatisfied… which is never a good thing – am I right, ladies? 😉

Definitely not binge worthy.

Then… *cue dramatic music*
In walks Money Heist: Part 4, just in time to save this quarantine.

This show has basically everything you need for an amazing series. If you like stories about heists, a group of lost souls turned great friends and becoming heroes of the people, then I definitely recommend. Each episode unveils new problems and plot twists that had me on edge the entire time. I’m a pretty fast reader so I enjoyed watching in Spanish with subtitles. I feel you get a better sense of the emotions and suspense the characters and story brings.

And I totally hate that I have to wait for the next part to come out!

Binge Worthy Mention: ELITE

Another great Spanish show. You forget these characters are still in high school because this show has everything. It’s full of murder, love, sex, drugs, family problems and high school drama.

Totally not relatable to my personal high school experience (or anyone’s experience I hope), but definitely worth watching!

And if you like a little boujee-ness, you may appreciate some of the accessories you’ll find on the rich bitches. Hi, Elite production? If you’re having a set sale, please invite me.

3. Insane Documentaries

Binge Worthy: TIGER KING

Okay… I have no words for this one.

There’s no real reason, or argument, as to why you should watch this documentary, other than you just need to. And as someone suggested, you just have to take it and soak it all in.

I was ready to quit after the first episode. All you had was big cats, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. And that was it.

The first few episodes actually made no sense to me. There was no plot. I had no idea where the story was going or why I was watching. They just introduced viewers to big cats, their owners and different parks.

Then if you’re patient enough, the story comes out. And it becomes dark and twisted really fast.

And really sad.

For the people? Yes, but more so the animals.

Though, now you can join the debate of Carole Baskin. Did she do it?

Binge Worthy Mention: Surviving R. Kelly

Watch this only if you have a strong stomach. It’s not graphic or gruesome, but the stories and encounters the women describe are quite disturbing. And I’m only 2 episodes in!

This makes you see things in a whole different light.
It makes you admire their bravery for telling their story.
And it makes you listen to those songs with a different ear and understanding of the truth behind it.

4. Guilty Pleasure Reality Shows

Binge Worthy: LOVE IS BLIND

My apologies in advance, but this show is a must see and I like to take credit for introducing it to a few people.

It’s soooo cringe, that it’s good. It’s basically the Bachelor on speed.

If you enjoy dating shows, then give it a watch. These people date in pods behind walls. They propose behind walls. Get engaged behind walls. All without seeing what the other person looks like. Then they meet, get thrown on their first trip together, live together, meet the in-laws and possibly get married.

Oh, and it’s all within the time span of a month! I know, right?

Binge Worthy Mention: Too Hot To Handle

This is the Bachelor in Paradise on speed without sex.
Sort of.

Contestants, from all over the world, are on this island thinking they’re there to meet other singles, party and hopefully not catch any STDs.

Then we soon find out they were chosen because of their promiscuous ways and lack of caring to make deeper connections. So cue imitation Alexa, aka Lana, who tells them they can win $100,000, but they’re not allowed to do anything dirty with each other. Any breach will cause a loss in the pot.

And cue reality TV drama.

5. Feel Good Nostalgic Sitcoms

Binge Worthy: FRIENDS

Ending on a feel good, happy note. This is obviously a classic. I hadn’t watched the series in its entirety when it originally aired, but I knew the storyline and episodes well from reruns.

So when bae mentioned that he never watched Friends, it was only right that we start. And I’m glad we did!

Even though, I knew all the characters and their relationships, it was nice to see the episodes in chronological order and make complete sense.

Plus, it was a bonus to watch bae see everything for the first time and his reactions to all the Ross & Rachel drama. Were they on a break?

Binge Worthy Mention: The Office

This was another show I never watched while it aired. And tbh, it took a few seasons to actually get into the series and the characters, but I’m happy I stuck it out.

It’s probably one of the funniest shows I’ve seen. All the awkwardness and sarcasm is what makes the show and it’s characters great.

Plus, all the inside jokes it has created between bae and I.


Now all the Office memes I’ve seen in the past years finally make sense to me.

And that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed my list.

Let me know if you’ve watched any and what your faves are. Or, if you have any recommendations yourself!

In all seriousness, I hope everyone is keeping safe.  And please be cautious and considerate of others during these crazy times.



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  1. Oh my gosh you’re so right that it’s dangerous to shop right now… I’ve had to really hold myself back! A great selection of shows, I’ll have to give them a try!

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