FAB FINDS Feat. Kate Spade Jewellery

I may have a little shopping addiction when it comes to Kate Spade. More specifically their outlet stores.

They’re not the biggest of outlet stores here in the Toronto area, but I could easily spend over an hour in there without even realizing it. They just lure me in, because every visit I find they have new items.
Thus, leaving me in the same scenario which always ends up as follows – I’m waiting on a sales associate to price check an item for me that doesn’t have a tag, while I’ve got two purses on my shoulder and I’m balancing five items in my left hand so I can use my phone in my right to calculate my totals.

Never changes.

My last visit though, I told myself I was not going to buy anything since I was only there to help my sister shop for a birthday present. And I was doing very well, until I hit the jewellery stand. As mentioned before, accessories are my thing. Plus, who could turn down an extra 70% off?!

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I’m a sucker for bows so I just love this detail. I had been eyeing this rose gold bracelet for a while. I passed it up a few times in exchange for some new purses during past visits. Then for a period, I never saw it in stores anymore and I thought I lost my chance, but when I saw they had stock, I couldn’t miss out again.

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I especially like how this bracelet fits my hand nicely. I usually have trouble with sizing bracelets and bangles since a lot of them are too big for my hand and fall off.
This Kate Spade one is made smaller and has a clasp so I won’t need to worry about it slipping off. And I am obsessing over rose gold right now. I’m trying to build a collection and this piece will fit in perfectly!


Though I was content with just the bracelet, but I couldn’t pass up these earrings. I’m in love with this shade of blue. It’s not too bright and they’re just smaller than a dime, so I like how it subtly stands out against my brown hair. It just adds a little something extra, rather than your usual pair of clear gem studs. And they came in at just under $13!

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I do love a good sale, so when I see a minimum of 50% off, I usually leave with a larger purchase like a handbag or wallet. Their small accessories always get me too. You can never have too many coin purses or card holders – at least that’s what I tell myself. Stop making such cute stuff Kate Spade!.. but don’t stop, because I love them.

In the end, I spent just over $32 for both items, which is a record for me in that store. So, I’m happy.

‘Til next time Kate Spade!


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