HAUL IT Pt. 3 Feat. L’Oréal

Just when I thought I was done, another beauty sale falls into my lap.

It was a never-ending cycle that week. And having already spent what I normally would in a year on beauty products, just in one week alone, I knew I definitely had to limit my spendings!

And I told myself, I’m allowed to spend no more than $50. Which seemed reasonable since I already had an idea of what to expect at this warehouse sale.

Then again that’s what I told myself about the Estèe Lauder sale.

So to conclude my makeup shopping spree… here’s my haul!

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(Left to Right): L’Oréal, Styling Heat Spray, Vichy, Thermal Spa Water, L’Oréal, Straight Booster, Vichy, Idéal Soleil SPF 50, (Bottom) Maybelline lipsticks

I’m always looking for hair products that give me that ‘I just left the salon’ feel. I swear my hairdresser uses a magical shampoo and hair straightener, but she swears I can pull off the same look at home. So far, I can never get my hair as sleek and silky as she does, but I like testing out different products. This time I opted for a new heat protectant and a pre-conditioner smoothing treatment by L’Oréal. And at $4 each, you can’t go wrong.

The warehouse had a ton of Vichy products and I know how pricey they can get at Shoppers Drug Mart. Overwhelmed by all the night creams, I simply got sunblock and a facial mist. My sister convinced me to try the mist saying it contained minerals which was good for your skin. Later I find out that the one she tried was actually different brand, but the same idea. Did I really need a $9 water mist? No… but it’s hella refreshing and seemingly luxurious.

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Lipsticks: (L) Matte, Blushing Pout, (R) Vivid Matte Liquid, Electric Pink

I was trying to steer clear of the makeup sections, but when I saw these 2 shades of pink I couldn’t resist. I love a bright fuchsia with black eyeliner and I’ve been looking for an everyday pink. Plus, I think they had a special deal for Maybelline lippies the day I went. They came in at $2 each!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Vichy, Dermablend Setting Powder

Now, one thing I’ve been meaning to add to my routine is setting powder. Originally I picked up the NYX Cosmetics Radiant Finishing Powder. It was a steal at about $5, but I found a tester and it was pure shimmer. No thanks. I’m all for a bit of sparkle and shine, but not a full face of it.
So I swapped that out for the Vichy Dermablend. This cost $10, but I prefer a matte finish since most of the bronzers and blushes I use already have a shimmer.

I spent a total of $47.46, tax included, so I came in under budget. Yay me!
However when you add up the total of all my hauls, well that’s another story. And to be honest, I haven’t done so yet because I know the final number is going to be appalling. Though, I’ve already paid off my credit card bill, so it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And I would have said that it was safe enough to say I won’t be buying makeup for the rest of the year, but there may be one more potential makeup haul to come. And this is the only makeup brand that I’ll make an exception for.

What is it? You’ll have to wait and see!
Until then,


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2 thoughts on “HAUL IT Pt. 3 Feat. L’Oréal

  1. I love your blog girl it’s so well written. Is there any way I can subscribe to it? Maybe I’m just blind and never noticed 🙂


    1. Thanks!! 🙃 There should be a follow button on the right side of the page. I see it on the website, but I think if you’re viewing mobile it only shows up if you scroll to the very bottom of the blog. Could be wrong though. I’m still getting used to WordPress lol


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