Happy New Year 2019!

– Happy New Year from Cookie –

And another one!

New Year. New Post.

Now let’s quickly reflect on the past year.


2018 has definitely been a whirlwind – to say the least!

There has been a lot of highs and lows.

Lots of lows.

For starters, I’ve officially realized I’m stuck at a dead end job because there seems to be personal roadblocks in helping me grow. And thus, I’ve also experienced many anxiety and panic attacks.

Though I can happily say, one major high – I got married!

Which in turn was a major contribution to my many anxiety and panic attacks… but totes worth it!

Future posts to come on my whole wedding experience however…

I am now currently broke af.

Like AF for realsies people!

And so how am I supposed to live my best Luxe & Loaded life when I gots no moneys?

I’ll figure it out.

Once again, I am going in to this year head strong. Same as last year’s plan but f*ck the confidence this time! It’s gonna be more of an I kick ass at life attitude.

Because I deserve to be the best me. And I deserve to attain my greatest goals. And no one can tell me otherwise. #GIRLPOWER

Mug & Book – You are a Badass… found at Indigo

Putting it out there! I am going to be more proactive. I’m already in the process of making my first ever vision board and got my first book lined up.

So you ready, 2019?


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