Seaonal Stress: How to beat it, but not really… ft. Saje Natural Wellness

It’s that time of year again!

For some it’s the holly, jolliest of months. The most wonderful time of the year. Magic is in the air. The Hallmark feel good movies are on – you should be well onto your 20th one by now. And every night is spent by the fireplace, snugged under a blanket. You’re with your loved one, sipping hot cocoa waiting for St. Nick to come.

And then there’s the reality for the rest of us.

Where it’s pretty much the worst season of all.

You want to develop a loathe for the holidays? Then work in retail for December.
The once a year shoppers come out and really make you question humanity sometimes. That could be a whole other post on its own…

But enough about that!

We’re here to talk about stress relief for the holiday season.

So here are some ways you can beat the stress, but not really… because this is pretty much me showing you some goodies I got at Saje Natural Wellness

Now let’s get started!

Body Mists

Refresh (Energizing Mist) 
I’m not much of a morning person. So I like the idea of this body mist since it can be a complete drag getting up early and ready for work sometimes – especially in the cold months where the mornings are hella dark! 

This mist can especially come in handy the morning after your work Holiday Party. Maybe you had one too many tequilas with your coworker Jan and aren’t feeling so hot the next morning. Or, maybe you could use a spritz because you’re working overtime and are gonna need some positive vibes to take on all the nasty clients or customers. 

I got Refresh as a little pick me up to get myself in a positive mood before I head out the door. One spritz on my face, the cool mist awakens my senses and I’m ready to go.

And it’s not overpowering like when you accidentally spray perfume on your face. It’s just a light scent to give you that quick boost of energy to take on the day.

Refresh – Energizing Mist

Unwind (Anti-Stress Mist) 
This body mist I got for the total opposite reason. After coming home from a busy day – whether it be work, running errands or just facing the crowds or people while you Christmas shop – I need a little quiet time to help my mind relax before I carry on what I need to do at home.

So I got Unwind to help me do exactly that – unwind.

I’m not usually one for lavender, but I know it’s a recommended scent when it comes to relaxing.

And this mist gives me just that hint of lavender I need to shut out the world and slow my mind.

A one-two spritz and a 10 second count as I close my eyes, helps me to forget about all the negative Nancys I may have come across during my shift.

As they say, keep calm and carry on.

Unwind – Anti-Stress Mist

Breath Freshener

Kiss Mist (Zesty Breath Freshener)
With the holidays in full swing, almost anything can trigger stress. Even the littlest things like having a tuna sandwich for lunch and then having a one-on-one meeting with your boss. Or, maybe Carl borrowed your favourite pen without your permission and next thing you know, you’re yelling at him after eating a herb and garlic bagel spread – Dammit Carl!

Whatever the case may be, this a very social season and you may find yourself more often than not, getting a little up close and personal with coworkers, clients and customers. 

And especially during this time of year, the surprise luncheons and delectable treats can find their ways into your mouth. So, to save myself from unsuspecting stank breath as I face customers, I thought this Kiss Mist would come in handy. 

It’s small enough to fit in my purse, so when I find myself munching on snacks throughout the day I need not worry!

This mix of mint and fennel are a definite refresher – Bye bye tuna breath! So long garlic whore!

Kiss Mist – Zesty Breath Freshener

Diffuser Blend Collection

I’ve gotten used to having a diffuser in the bedroom due to bae’s seasonal allergies. We’ve used a few different blends, but wanted to try Peaceful to stay zen as we sleep – and so far we’re pretty happy with 3/4 the scents. Yoga is delish!

Saje has a few blend collection options, but just the names alone convinced us to choose this kit.

I didn’t find the benefit in having a diffuser for myself, since I’m not really prone to congestion like bae is, but I’m all about aromatherapy.

And having a pleasant aroma while your rest is a huge stress relief for me. It just triggers my mind to relax.

Honestly speaking though, I was excited to try Gratitude. And upon first use it was lovely… but then it wasn’t. Maybe we just needed to clean the diffuser out thoroughly, but neither of us was a big fan.   

I’ve only recently starting getting more and more into Saje products after bae got his diffuser.

It’s understandable that for first timers, the store can be a little overwhelming with scents, but have an idea of what you’re looking for or what aspect of your body needs attention. That will help narrow down your search.

Plus, it’s all about testing your nose.
Trust me.

There are so many names and combinations of scents, but your nose will tell you what you need.

So if you’re looking for something to help calm your stress, but in all honesty you think it absolutely stinks… then it’s not for you! Because if you’re looking to keep calm, but you’re spraying mist or rolling oil on yourself that you think smells completely atrocious, then it will have the opposite effect.

What are some of your ways to destress during the Holidays?
Are you a fan of Saje products too?

Hope these tips helped!
If not… then I hope you enjoyed looking at the goodies that I got!


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