A Sucker for Sunsets


There’s something about a sunset that’s so calming and peaceful. Watching the way the blue sky changes colours within seconds. Blending and intertwining with one another without separation as if they all fit together perfectly. So picturesque.

Though, what I love most about a sunset is the moment the sun touches the horizon. It makes me think it’s something attainable. That if I were to quickly run to the ends of the earth, I’d be able to reach out and feel it with just the tip of my finger… but then I remember that’s impossible because the earth is round. And the earth and sun are in space. And space is infinite. Which freaks the crap out of me. Because how that is possible?!… No? Only me having those thoughts? Anyways!

So I stop thinking about it and come back down to earth.

One of my favourite places to see the sun set in Tivoli is at the Panoramica. Just at the top of these 75 steps from my dad’s house, it’s a long walkway covered by trees to one side, but the other side overlooks all the towns below since Tivoli sits on top of a hill.

And so, watching the sun set here is something I always look forward to. It gives me a moment to pause whatever I’m doing or, wherever I’m going, and just admire.

Here are some of the moments I caught from my most recent trip.




La Panoramica




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