Lash Out!

Before taking any trip, there’s always a lot of prep I have to do. I get a little OCD when organizing my to-do lists, but number one on my list this time was to get eyelash extensions. And after asking around and hearing the horror stories of people’s lashes falling out, I took a leap.

I love makeup, but sometimes the whole glam routine can be a little too much to take on during travel. Especially when it calls for early mornings and whole day outings. Plus, when there’s one bathroom to 6 adults and one toddler, I can’t exactly take my time. And I don’t have the patience to apply falsies everyday, so I needed something that would cut my routine in half.

First mistake I made, I asked around. That was a terrible idea because people only had horror stories of what happened to the their friends. Or a friend of a friend. No one knew, first hand, what it was like to have eyelash extensions, so immediately I became skeptical.

Second mistake I made, I Googled. And of course what popped up were botched extensions and crusty lashes. This only heightened my skepticism.

But I did it anyways! Because when I make up my mind about something, I have to do it.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Before booking an appointment, I did some research and tried to take a crash course on the whole procedure and care of eyelash extensions. From mink to synthetic mink, to D curl, to 3D Russian lashes, I was so overwhelmed. So I decided to go based on photos, review and prices. After all, it was my first time and I had absolutely no expectations since everyone I asked only had negative comments.

I had my heart set on 3D Russian lashes as they looked most realistic, but seeing only a price tag of $295+ from reputable salons, I crossed that option. That’s more than I spend on my hair when I go to my hairdresser for the works – dye, cut, style & blow dry. And at least my hair lasts more than 2 weeks!

So I decided to go with a classic set. Which was the most inexpensive and totally affordable option at $85. I booked 2 days before my flight, in case of any problems, and was a super nervous because I had a dream that 2 rookies did my lashes and totally messed them up. The stylist reassured me to relax and the whole thing took just about an hour.

Experience? There was no discomfort during the process. Nothing hurt. Nothing burned. Only little awkward feelings here and there, since I’d never done them before. The stylist taped my bottom lashes down, which at first made my top lids flutter. I eventually calmed myself and there was no feeling of pulling on my natural lash and nothing felt glued to my skin.

Once it was done, my eyes were watery for a bit, but adjusted. It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. No heavy feeling, like when you do falsies. My eyelashes felt normal. And after looking in the mirror, right away I could tell a huge difference. My lashes were longer and thicker. The more I looked at them, the more I loved them. And then I saw them on camera.

Verdict? I’m in love. I would absolutely do them again and would recommend to anyone thinking about it.

Unfortunately, it’s not a process I can keep up with monthly as you have to pay for refills every 2-3 weeks and it gets costly, but for sure it’s something I would do in the summer months or during travel. It makes a huge difference. And very simple care instructions – basically wash your face and brush your lashes. And you can blow dry them from underneath on the cool setting.

Beginning of week 2 they were looking nice. My lash line was still thick. A few fall out daily, but that’s a part of your eyelash’s natural life cycle.

Beginning of week 3, more had fallen out and there was more spacing between the lashes. My lash line wasn’t as thick so I wore eyeliner inside my upper waterline to even it out. The extensions still blended with my natural eyelashes though, so still no need for eyeliner or mascara. And halfway through the 3rd week, I returned from my trip and went back to work. I felt so bald, but people were still complimenting me on my eyelashes. So they held up.

Week 4, still holding on. I started wearing liquid eyeliner because basically 90% of them had fallen out and it wasn’t until the end of the 4th week that I pulled out the remaining.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Beginning of week 4 (wearing eyeshadow)

Every time a lash fell out I wanted to cry. It’s the saddest thing because it’s a total confidence boost. Literally no need for makeup. Just basic cover up/foundation and lipstick and you’re good for the day. You just have to keep cautious of rubbing your eyes if you have that habit. You definitely can’t sleep on your stomach and if you choose to wear makeup, it needs to be oil free, as well as the remover. For myself, I wore absolutely no mascara or eyeliner the whole time because there was no need for it. The only thing I wore on occasion was eyeshadow.

Now I’m back to mascara, which is cool, but I really miss the extensions! *sigh*

Have you gotten your eyelashes done? Let me know your experiences!



Note: All opinions are my own. I went to Pretty Girl Lounge and had a great experience. The stylist was super nice and talked me through the whole process. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and will definitely book with her again! 

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