FAB FINDS Feat. Fabulips


As much as I love a white blanket of snow, Old Man Winter can definitely be a jerk sometimes. So if there’s one thing I hate about the winter, it’s how harsh the cold weather can be on my skin. Especially my lips. It seriously takes a toll where sometimes lip balm just won’t cut it.
I constantly find myself biting my lips or picking at the skin. Which is annoying when I’m dying to test out all my new lippies I got over the holidays! Plus, I get nervous wearing any colour to work because I feel so paranoid that people can see all the cracks and lines when I’m speaking to them. Come an hour later, I’ve rubbed off all my lipstick. Which then makes me sad because I feel like I’ve wasted my makeup. Then I’m back to my basic lip balm and the whole cycle continues again.

That’s why this season I promised myself I’d try an actual lip scrub.
I love rummaging through the beauty section at Winners, checking out all the different products. I start with my hands full, but usually never end up buying anything because I’m trying to force myself to finish what I have in my cupboards at home. So as I was browsing for Christmas presents this past season, I was super excited to find Fabulips, Sugar Lip Scrub by Bliss. I felt it was one of those ‘ask and you shall receive‘ moments… I wish that worked on others things I ask for in life… but I digress!


So I decided to give it a try. I purchased it at $12.99, when it retails for $22 at Sephora (which I just checked now and it’s out of stock online – so I feel better about buying it). After opening the box, off the top I am in love with the scent. It has this sort of nutty, citrus smell – which I know reading that back sounds gross, but I promise it’s delicious. If it was a candle I would totally buy. And of course, the ingredients state it contains citrus, almonds and bits of walnuts.

The first time I used it, I was a little underwhelmed when I started scrubbing a fingertip’s worth on my lips. It felt very smooth, so I questioned the whole exfoliant/scrub aspect of it. It literally felt like I was putting on lip balm in circular motions. I didn’t want to go into it disappointedly, so I continued to follow the instructions which the next step was ‘rub off with a warm cloth’. And tah-dah! My lips felt super smooth.
Like smoo-ooth!
I was happily surprised.

Apologies for underestimating you Fabulips.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I have used it a few times now and each time it does leave my lips feeling super smooth and smelling delicious. On my worst chapped days though, I find it doesn’t completely take off all the dead skin as I end up doing most of that rubbing off with the warm cloth. Though, as I mentioned before, the texture of the scrub isn’t rough like a typical face exfoliant. It’s very gentle. Most likely because your lips are more sensitive than the skin on your face.

My overall impression? I am pretty happy with the product and the results. I would definitely buy it again. However, it is my first time using a lip scrub, so I would like to try a couple of different ones just to compare before I personally pay the retail price (only because I got it for a deal).

Maybe I’ll save it for a Sephora gift card purchase as I still have many a cards to use.

Sending you extra smooth kisses!


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