Fur vs. Faux

When it comes to fashion, I am sometimes faced with the biggest moral dilemma.
Fur vs. faux.

It’s a constant debate in the fashion industry. I am a huge animal lover so I’m totally against animal cruelty, but I also love luxury. And fur is luxurious. Perhaps it’s the makings of media brainwashing taking its toll on me, but fur has always been a representation of status. From royalty to socialites to celebrity, there’s just something about it.

Which brings me to one of my biggest shopping regrets to date. And I am reminded and think about my loss every Fall/Winter season, but I stick by my decision.

I have this habit of trying on things that I think look weird or gaudy or, in my opinion, just flat out ugly. It makes for a great laugh or fun surprise, because sometimes you’ll fall in love with something you never thought you’d like.
So a few years ago I was in a Benetton/Sisley store and tried on this fur vest. It was super Jlo. Something I thought I’d never wear because it was too extravagant for my closet, but I tried it on and *sigh* Fell. Hard.
It was soft. It was full. It was browns and whites and tans. The colour transitions were impeccable. It was gorgeous. And it was on sale for only $99. So it was a steal. And I did not buy it. And I still shed a little tear thinking about it.
And the reason I regret it is because years later I am yet to find something that could match it and make me forget I ever walked into that store.

I recently bought this cute pink faux vest from Guess when they had a sale on outerwear. It’s a light pastel colour with this tie up detailing. I do really like it, but it just reminds me of what I could have had.

No faux vest has come close to the quality, style, shape or price of that Sisley vest. It was the one that got away. And I just have to live with that because at the time I just couldn’t do it. It would have ate at my conscience so long as I had my little fur balls at home.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Cookie aka Baby

I had two chinchillas at the time and they were in my head as I debated in store for a good half hour. My Stinky would have pissed on it, while Baby would have just looked at me in disappointment. So I just couldn’t.

*Unfortunately, Smelly is no longer with me. Now, excuse me while I go cry for 10min. 

So I respect vegans. Whether it’s a health choice or just strictly because of their love for animals. It’s a lifestyle and choice that takes a lot of dedication. I admire those who live it. Maybe one day I’ll have the will power to do so too, but until then I’ll continue to sob and hunt for my vest.


Poopie aka Stinky aka Smelly aka Smelly cat ❤

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