STYLE STEALS Feat. Dynamite

Working in a mall has its perks if you love to shop, but working in a mall can also be the death of your wallet if you love to shop.

When I have time to spare on my lunch or after work, I’m aimlessly walking the mall. I’m always checking out what’s new in store fronts and seeing if I can find those items I’ve recently seen on my Insta feed, in store.
Though, for some reason I notice when I’m on the hunt for a specific item, I can never find exactly what I’m looking for. Or, what happens is I’ll go into a store on the hunt for a particular item, but leave with another. Especially if there’s a sale. I generally have good will power, but sometimes you just come across a really good buy that you can’t pass up!

Most recently, I stumbled into Dynamite because I was looking for this sweater I saw on @jessicajuliien‘s Instagram. Because obviously Instagram is where I do my online window shopping now. It was this black sweatshirt that read, in white print, ‘MY LITTLE BLACK SWEATSHIRT.’ I know, Captain Obvious, right? I just thought it was cute!

Photo by: @jessicajuliien

So I make my way around, scoping the racks of clothing and folded displays. Eventually finding it hanging in the back of the store and it’s as cute as it looks in the photo. At this point I’m basically taking out my wallet, but as I’m reaching to find a size, I’m surprised by the material. I was expecting your basic cotton blend because you cannot go wrong with a cotton sweatshirt. Instead, I’m feeling some shiny scuba knit, which I’m okay with on a skirt or dress, but not what I’m looking for in a cozy casual sweatshirt. How am I supposed to stay cozy, yet fashionable on my lazy days in scuba? It still looks really cute though… And the more I’m staring at this photo, the more I’m wishing it bought it. Dammit.

Anywho… Disappointed, I turn to leave, but of course have to stop by the sale rack to satisfy my internal bargain hunter. You just never know what you’re going to find.
Unexpectedly, I come across a navy blue, velour cami with straps that criss cross in the back. Only one left and a price tag of $5 – I am sold. I mean, duh. It’s $5! The cut for me is too low in the front because the straps are a tad too long, but that’s nothing a little needle and thread can’t fix.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Besides the price, I love how this velour cami can be dressed up or down. The blue is so rich, yet subtle that it can be your pop of colour or stay neutral. I can dress it up by tucking it into black trousers/pencil skirt and throw a blazer/cardigan on top. Or, pair it with denim/ripped jean shorts if I’m going casual. It’s also a stretch material, which I like because I won’t feel constricted if I’m wearing it all day.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Most I love though, is that it was on sale.
Sales are my best friend. Regular price for this shirt I believe was $29.99 – from what I could read of the original tag under all the markdown stickers. Either way, for $5 this was definitely a steal.
Totally happy.


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